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Will US Sportsbook Market Be Regulated?

As mentioned above there is no regulation related to US Sportsbook Market. As a result of this, the most famous gambling sites having license from legitimate commissions do not accept US players.

But it seems things will change for the US Sportsbook Market. On May 14, 2018, the state of New Jersey won its US Supreme Court case, as a majority of justices declared that the federal ban on sports wagering is unconstitutional.

From now on, it will be possible to make sports betting in New Jersey. It should also be noted that this decision is valid for all types of gambling. Ruling on the New Jersey sportsbook case does not apply to all states, it will encourage the states to legalize sportsbook market. States are free to chose legalize land-based, mobile and online sportsbook. It is also foreseen that many states in the US will allow sportsbook and there will be a major change on global online gaming industry.

Is there any state planning to regulate sportsbook?

Following states have considered to legalize sportsbook or prepared the related legislation. After the decision on New Jersey court, it is foreseen that many states will legalize the sportsbook. Here is the known list of the states in willing to legalize sports book:

  • California

  • Kansas

  • Oklahoma

  • Iowa

  • Missouri

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • Ohio

  • Michigan

  • South Carolina

  • Maryland

  • Rhode Island

  • Connecticut

  • Louisiana

What encourages states to legalize sportsbook?

Sportsbook is a multi-million dollar market in the USA, and because of offshore companies, states lose potential tax income. After legalizing of sportsbook, it will be a “win-win” for states and sportsbooks.

What are the most popular sportsbooks in the USA?

Bovada, founded in 1998, is the most popular sportsbook among the US players. Bovada offers numbers of options to entertain the customers. Player can play in Vegas-style casino as well as placing bets in sportsbook. For horse racing enthusiasts, Bovada offers 94 tracks to bet. Thanks to Bovada’s mobile website, players can place bets on the go anytime and go on to feel the excitement. Bovada also boast with its speedy payouts. Its players are never worry about the payment, they are always sure they will be get paid fast. When signing-up Bovada, remember to review bonus offers varying from Casino Welcome Bonuses to Rewards Points.


BetOnline is another one of best sportsbook for US players. It offers variety of betting options especially for the football fans. BetOnline should be followed by every football fans to catch the best football bets.

Like many of the best sportsbook for US players, BetOnline has great bonus options up to $1000 for your first deposit. BetOnline players can also be updated with the Sports Betting Edge section having the news and analysis that they can benefit before placing bets.

BetOnline has deposit options including VISA, American Express or wire transfer. But apart from these options VIP players are able to deposit via Mastercard, which is not a common option to deposit among sportsbook. Becoming a VIP member is not related the amount you bet, you will be getting closer to become a VIP player by time.

If you are a mobile player and desiring to place bets on the go, just simple visit Betonline via your phone’s browser. You will have the same sports betting options just like on the desktop version.

It should be keep in mind that players of BetOnline should be minimum 18 years old, and BetOnline needs to confirm that player’s age meets the minimum age to bet in the state he/she lives in. is another favourite sportsbook among the US players. Despite its simple display, is ideal for betting enthusiasts with its wide range betting options. It offers every betting odds a player may desire. Besides offering one of the fastest payouts in the industry, has a bonus offers which is called “Lifetime Reload Bonus”. Once a player deposit on, the cycle begins and player starts to get a free play bonus up to $1000 for each deposit they make. This bonus is one of the main features that distinguishes it from its competitors.

4- 5Dimes

As one of the most popular sportsbook in the USA, 5Dimes offers almost unlimited betting options on major sporting events. It offers different bonuses types. One of them lets you to get bonus for your winning bet. You also get up to $500 free play bonus according to the amount of your first deposit. Also you get 50% bonus on your first deposit and for your other deposits over $400 you start to get 20% of your deposit as bonus up to $500.

To deposit on your 5Dimes account, players can use their credit cars as usual. But for those living in some states of the USA where using VISA are banned, 5Dimes has another deposit method like Bitcoin and other payment methods which are simple to fund your account.

5- BetDSI

American players are always in search of a sportsbook which is reliable, has variety of betting options, is good at customer service. BetDSI has all of them. BetDSI has live betting options for many different sports matches, mobile version enabling you to place bet wherever you are. Customer service in four different languages serves for you on 24/7 basis.

BetDSI is based in Costa Rica and has a license from related authority in Costa Rica since 1998.

BetDSI offers different payment methods for its players. As you might guess Bitcoin is the most popular of these methods and BetDSI charges no fees for Bitcoin payments or withdrawals. Player could also use the other deposit optison like credit cards, bank transfers, P2P, but these options might have additional fees.

BetDSI has also different bonus options. BetDSI players could benefit from 100% New Member Bonus Offer which is 50% sports + %50 casino up to $500 each. Beside this offer, there is BetDSI Rewards program on which player could earn BetPoints for Every Bet and exchange his/her BetPoints into Cash.

Intertops has been serving for its customers for more than 20 years,

What are the deposit methods in U.S Sportsbooks?

According to the SAFE Port Act of 2006, it is illegal for the banks and credit companies to allow online betting/gambling payments. Players using their debit/credit cards to deposit on a online sportsbook are possibly in danger of closure of their bank accounts or credits card with the reason of online gambling/non-desirable customer. That’s why millions of players prefer other payments methods such as Person to Person Transaction (P2P). Now, with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, sportsbook started to offer Bitcoin method for deposits and withdrawals. Depositing via Bitcoin takes between 15-30 minutes.

Players among the USA are also able to deposit their account their account with their VISA card and American Express card. MasterCard is also accepted by a few sportsbook, but it is not as common as VISA. As mentioned before, players from territories where betting is treated illegal is at risk at closure of their card/bank account, if bank detects the usage of card on a sportsbook.

Other options to deposit on sportsbook are Western Union and MoneyGram Wire Transfers where players can use their bank accounts. It should be kept in mind that these processes have transaction fees, which are not related with the sportsbooks.

Players desiring not to use credit card or bank transfer are able to use money order or check as a deposit option. It should also be remembered that most sportsbooks do not accept personal checks.

What are the withdrawal methods in U.S Sportsbooks?

As in deposit, Bitcoin is one of the safest and fastest ways to withdraw money from a sportsbook. Nowadays, Bitcoin is very popular among the sportsbooks, as there is no need to give much information and almost no transaction fees. Sportsbooks prefer Bitcoin to eliminate the problems which arise during bank transfers etc. It can also be stated that all sportsbooks accepting US players now offer Bitcoin as both withdrawal and deposit option.

Before Bitcoin, the players got their winning via check by mail option, on which check from a payment company is delivered by mail or a courier company. But this process was not easy for both companies and the players since it took time to find a payment company and deliver it to the player.

Another option for a player to withdraw his/her money is to send the amount in his/her account to another player on that site. It might be a useful option for the ones having a friend who is also a member on that site and turn their money into cash easier.

Withdrawal via Bank Transfer is not popular in for US players since there might be some legal issues. But this might be a logical option when withdrawing high amount of money.

Some sportsbooks offer prepaid card option for their players’ withdrawal transaction. It is just a debit card which enables sportsbook to load it with money for you. It is now very popular among some sportsbooks for US players, because of fast payment and ease of use.

Some may choose to withdraw via Western Union or MoneyGram. Even though these two are faster than the other method, there is a considerable amount of fee.

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