Online Sportsbooks in Canada

Canada might be well-known for its cold weather and  ice hockey, but it is a very important market for sportsbooks. Kanada has a growing sportsbooks market. You must have seen that some online gaming web sites are licensed from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, that commission is located in Canada and is one of the first regulating body for online sportsbooks and casino games. Although Canadian people are new to online sportsbooks, they are enthusiastic to place online sports bets.

Canada Sportsbooks Payment Methods

Canadian sportsbooks accepts various payments methods. Skrill, which used to be known as Moneybookers, and InstaDebit are the most preferred payment methods among Canadian sportsbooks. Skrill is a popular pre-paid e-wallet used by millions of users among the world. Canadian customers could easily transfer money to their Skrill (Moneybookers) accounts by using their credit/debit cards. Like most of the other e-wallets, Canadian customers depositing via Skrill are able to withdraw their possible winning to their Skrill accounts.

InstaDebit is an another e-wallet, but it is not offered to international player. It could only be used by Canada citizens and connected to Canadian banking system. InstaDebit enables Canadian citizens deposit on an online sportsbooks via their bank accounts and credit cards. Canadian players could also withdraw their winnings via InstaDebit payment method.

Credit cards, bank transfers and peer-to-peer transfers are other common payment methods among Canadian sportsbooks. Even payment via credit card is a common method, bank transfer is not preffered that much since it takes about 1-2 business day to be completed. Bank transfer might be a good alternative for the players not using Skrill (Moneybookers) or InstaDebit, but the fees and long processing time. Moneygram or some other money transfers services are both time and money consuming methods, but they are still offered on Canadian sportsbooks as an option to deposit and withdrawal.

Neteller, one of the leading e-wallet provider in the world stopped services for Americans and then Canadians. US Act relating to online sportsbooks issued in 2006 has a big effect on Neteller’s decision.

Canadian Sportsbooks

Canadian licensed sportsbooks offer bet types on almost all kind of sports events including NHL hockey and Canadian Football League. American sports like National Football League (NFL) and popular European leagues such as England Premier League and Bundesliga are also available on Canadian sportsbooks. Most Canadian sportsbooks offer deposit bonuses varying $100 to $1000 Canadian Dollars according to the amount deposited. Canadian sportsbooks have reduce juiced on some bets and no-deposit free bet promotions. Canadian bettors have many options to double their money with the promotions offered by Canadian sportsbooks. Some Canadian bettors need to pay tax on their winnings. If a Canadian bettor is accepted as a professional player, he is obliged to pay taxes based on his all winnings from online gaming and sportsbooks. But for the Canadian citizens who place bets as a hobby, do not have to pay any taxes.

Canadian bettors have a wide-range choice of sportsbooks. Thanks to the laws and regulations relating to online sportbooks, it is clear that Canadian sports bettors and sportsbooks will have a problem-free future.

Legality of Online Sportsbooks In Canada

The legality of online sportsbooks in Canada might seem like a complicated issue. Some provinces have online gaming regulations, but there is no law or regulation related to legality of online sportsbooks, also no law forbidding sportsbooks.

There are some grey areas for Canadian sportsbooks. But most of online sportsbooks accept players from Canada. Government of Canada also allows provinces to accept the advertisements of online poker rooms and sportsbooks. You could be sure that no Canadian citizen has been fined because of online sportsbooks. Canadian government does not do anything against online sportsbooks. It is totally safe for Canadian citizens to place bets on their favorite online Canadian sportsbooks.